Caldwell Estate

Caldwell Estate in East Renfrewshire is the location of what remains of Caldwell House, a mansion constructed in 1773 to a design by Robert Adam.  Significant parts of the estate, although overgrown,  are largely unaltered.  Many of the classic features associated with a typical 18th century estate can still be seen.  Evidence of two previous periods of settlement on the estate lands can also be found, including the remains of a formal garden associated with a previous house constructed around 1715.

GHSS report on Caldwell Estate
We have prepared a detailed document describing the history of Caldwell Estate and illustrating many of the landscape features.  This is available via the web site of the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments (RCAHMS).

Our RCAHMS hosted document on Caldwell Estate

Other material at RCAHMS pertaining to Caldwell.

Gardens and planting: a brief overview
    'Roy' garden - locating the remains - details emerging from map and site studies
annotated satellite image (in new window)
    Ramshead walled garden - site history
                                           the hot-house
                                           structures and construction detail:  a pictorial tour of some of the features
    Tree planting in the 18th century - plantings including an account from Dixon of Hassendeanburn 1766
    Seeds, plants, trees and tools 1844-46 - an account from Austin & McAslan