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Please read the following before filling out the online application for this scholarship.

The application process will entail the following:

      I.         Completed application  

    II.         Transcript that reflects a 3.0 or higher GPA.  Official Transcript requested for finalists.

  III.         Two letters of recommendation.  One must be from a current teacher. The other letter can be from any non-family member.

   IV.         Two Essays answering the following questions.  Each essay should have a minimum 250 words each. 

a.     How has Cancer affected your life and your future plans?

b.     What have you learned from your experience with Cancer and how will you use it to help others?

     V.         Proof of eligibility (Copy of Death Certificate or letter from doctor).

   VI.         Proof of college enrollment with student number (Tuition bill).

 VII.         Photo of you and/or loved one diagnosed with Cancer.


Applications and all required material should be submitted by August 1, 2017.



Direct any questions to Audrey Sherrod, co-founder, at application@elizabethrcolesmemorialscholarship.com