The Elizabeth R. Coles Memorial   Scholarship 

     The Elizabeth R. Coles Memorial Scholarship has been established in honor of Elizabeth R. Coles, a nonsmoking wife and mother of three who developed and passed away from lung cancer.   Mrs. Coles discovered her lung cancer in 2014.  Before losing her battle in 2015, Mrs. Coles was able to spread her passion for education and lifelong learning to students at her school, church and to her family.

The scholarship was created by Audrey and Derek Sherrod, Tennis Fam Tournament Directors, as a way to give back to the participants of the Tennis Fam Tournament and carry on the legacy of Audrey's Mom.   

This nonrenewable scholarship was specifically created for the participants and family of participants in the Tennis Fam Tournament.  Participants or the family of participants may apply if one of the following requirements are met: graduating high school, currently pursuing an undergraduate degree or pursuing careers in a cancer treatment field.  Participants or the family of participants must be immediately affected by or be a current cancer patient or a cancer patient survivor and demonstrate academic excellence with a 3.0 or higher GPA.