In short, is an Erasmus Exchange Programme of the European Commission which allows college students in 31 European countries to study in another country.
Erasmus can provide:

  • Experiences, Challenges and Fun
  • Confidence to live in another country
  • AprefeiƧoamento or introduction of new languages
  • New perspectives on academic matters
  • An international network of contacts
  • Opportunity to travel throughout Europe
  • Academic Credits
  • Transferable employment skills
  • acquires even a set of gains which will contribute to building a more united Europe on cultural, linguistic and educational.

Thus, the ERASMUS mobility offers students an opportunity to complete a study period abroad at a university eligible for Socrates, with full academic recognition (as part of the curriculum of their establishment of origin) with a duration of at least 3 months and maximum of 1 full academic year.

This recognition will be subject to prior agreement between the universities and the student, which must always be informed in writing of curriculum content to be held in other university

At the end of the period of study the student should receive from the host university, a certificate of attendance and achievement in the study plan agreed.

Not be charged tuition or other similar payments by the host university, in which, however, be charged small amounts relating to insurance, shares of student associations, use of various materials such as photocopies, laboratory products, etc.. Standing equality with other local students. However, the home university can continue to charge tuition to students or students exempt of this payment during the period of study abroad.

Students will continue, however, be entitled to full payment of national grants and loans. The student may or may not qualify for an Erasmus mobility grant, as the available budget.