Getting To Know Era Organics Natural Skin Care

Era Organics is family owned and operated right here in the US. Having struggled with various skin conditions, we turned to natural solutions. Not finding relief, we began developing our own formulas that brought great relief.

Some products will include one natural ingredient like cocoa butter or an aloe vera cream. But we wondered, “why not have them all in one product?”. That lead to the development of our first formula featured in our Complete and Relief moisturizers. The formula includes a unique 10-in-1 formula that combines to feed your skin all the different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes it needs to heal and repair itself. Ingredients include organic hospital grade aloe vera, manuka honey, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, msm, blue green algae, msm, olive oil, cehami extract and enriched with additional vitamins and minerals.

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Manuka honey is the secret weapon to most of our products. It has been able to treat skin conditions previously thought to be incurable, even flesh eating bacteria!

After more research, we found the need to address the PH levels of the skin. In an ideal state, our skin is supposed to be 5.5 PH. This acidic barrier is your body’s first line of defense against infection, disease, etc. But most cosmetics, even natural skin care products, are between 7-10 PH, which is alkaline. Prolonged exposure to improperly balanced products can weaken the skin’s immune system and ability to heal. So, we formulated our moisturizer creams to be perfectly balanced to the skin’s 5.5 PH and encourage the skin back to being able to heal itself.

This development lead to formulating a sulfate free cleanser designed for damaged, sensitive skin. We found most soaps and cleansers have hidden toxins designed to make their formula foam. But the chemicals like SLS, sulfates, etc. are linked to a host of skin conditions including severely dry skin, oily skin, acne prone skin, eczema, psoriasis, etc. These soaps can not only cause skin conditions, but also prevent any type of healing by stripping away essential oils and vitamins from the skin.

We started out as a little side business, selling at trade shows and fairs. But, being the internet age, decided to start selling online at What started out as a little side project quickly developed into quite a large brand. Success stories have rolled in, some are nothing short of a miracle. 

Years of eczema have turned into beautiful healthy skin. One teen was too shy to wear a dress, even in the high heat of summer, for fear of showing off her legs thanks to psoriasis. A little girl missed out on swimming, gymnastics and even a decent night’s sleep due to severe eczema across her body. After spending $25,000 on failed treatments, the next doctor’s recommendation was chemo therapy on the 9 year old! Luckily, her mother was able to find us while waiting to schedule the chemo. That first night was the first time her daughter had a full night’s sleep from getting relief for the dry, itchy, painful skin across her legs. Within a week, the eczema was 70% gone. A month later, she was finally eczema free.

Era Organics

We then started to get dozens of requests to help people with their scalp. Whether it was severe dandruff, scalp psoriasis, dermatitis, itchy scalp, dry scalp, oily hair, etc. we knew the cause was likely the shampoos customers were using. Like soaps and cleansers, shampoos are notorious for having chemicals and not being  properly PH balanced. Not only can shampoos cause scalp conditions, but even just the suds rolling down the body can cause eczema on the hands, body and even feet! One customer couldn’t get results with our natural psoriasis and eczema cream. Turns out, her shampoo was pooling at her feet in the shower. Once she switched shampoos, the eczema cleared up within a week.

Era Organics has since expanded into natural hair care, an organic dead sea mud mask to treat acne, breakouts and even wrinkles and crows feet. We are now working on a USDA Certified Organic baby line that includes an organic diaper rash cream, organic healing ointment, organic baby lotion and organic baby wash. Not to leave mothers out, we also have an organic nipple balm to help soothe, moisturize and protect breastfeeding moms and an stretch mark cream to help treat and prevent stretch marks across the baby bump, breasts, hips and legs.

After that, we teamed up with an amazing herbologist once recruited by the FDA to come up with natural solutions to major diseases and antibiotic-resistant super bugs. Our partnership has lead to herbal healing ointments for sensitive and damaged skin, plantar fasciitis, cracked heals, sore swollen feet, cold sores and canker sores, an antiviral ointment for shingles and warts, and an herbal anti aging cream designed for puffy eyes, dark circles, crows feet, wrinkles around the mouth, etc.

Our success has been a strong focus on customer service. Whether our products work out for you or not, we want you to walk away with a pleasant experience. We offer a full refund on any product up to 60 days. If you don’t love your skin, you get your money back.

We wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for our amazing customers. Success stories flood in every single day. The motivation it gives us cannot be expressed in words. Knowing we are able to change people’s lives truly means the world to us.

We hope to offer natural skin care products for all skin types and just about every skin condition. We invite you to try our products, risk free, to give your skin the nutrients it needs to look and feel it’s best.