Mrs. MacNevin’s Pollyanna Book Projects

Start date:  December 5, 2012

Due Date: Must be brought to school no later than December 17th at 8:30 am.

Directions: Students need to pick one of the projects listed below to work on as a part of reading homework for December 5, through December 14. Students will present their projects to the class starting on Monday, December 17th in the afternoon.  Students should practice presenting their project at home to better prepare them for the class presentation.

*All items with a star will have a short 1-2 minute explanation presentation about project on Monday, December 17th.

1. Create the Character:

Dress as one of the main characters from the story. Give a presentation to the class telling us who your character is and how you are important in the book. You must talk for 3 minutes! You will need to turn in a some type of notes for your presentation, these can be note cards, a script or any other form that show you planned out what to say.

2. A Skinny Strip*:

A skinny strip is a piece of adding machine paper (or other paper on a roll) about three feet long. Divide it into as many sections as there are chapters in your book, plus one. The first section is for the title, author, and your own name as the reteller. The remaining sections are designated, one per chapter. You should have a small picture in each section, and add a few sentences about the chapter. If you want to take it one step further you can make a slit in shoebox and decorate it to look like a T.V. You can run the skinny strip through one frame at a time.

3.Book In a Box*:

You need a small flat box with a lid. The story you read is retold on foldout paper (accorden style). The back of the last page is glued to the bottom of the box and the first page (which is left blank) is glued to the lid. when the box is closed, you have a book in a box. When it is opened, you can tell your story. The top of the box can be designed as a cover.

4. A Book In a Can*:

You begin with a clean frozen juice can. Next, make a wrap around cover of paper, the cover of your book, and tape it around the can. After this, create a "skinny strip" telling the story. Cut a slit in the can big enough to stick the "skinny strip" through., Attach a popsicle stick to both ends of the "skinny strip" so it won't go either all the way in or out of the can. Roll the strip inside of the can around the popsicle stick. It can be pulled out a little at a time to retell the story.

5. Folder Game*:

You will use a file folder (If you need one please ask) and create a board game with a Pollyanna theme. This game should include rules, a game board, pieces and directions on how to play. The game board will need to be decorated in a theme that matches the book. Remember to test out the game to make sure it works.

If your child has another idea they would like to do that would express their creativity and show their understanding of the book please send me an email and allow 24 hours for approval. All requested projects must be preapproved before Wednesday, December 12th .




Mrs. MacNevin:

As you all know, Mrs. MacNevin has been out on maternity caring for her new, beautiful twin babies. She will be returning to school the week after Thanksgiving Break, on November 26th.



You will be able to check your students grades for Quarter 1 on Infinite Campus. Grades will be available starting Thursday, November 8th.


Field Trip to the Science Museum:

Hello Parents, we are taking a trip to the Science Museum on November 14th!Permission slips were sent home last week. They need to be sent back to school as soon possible.


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Math Placement Letters

Just an FYI that math placement letters are coming home today. I have explained to the students what the numbers mean but here it is in case they missed it or it was confusing...

Intermediate 4:60 - This means they are working on grade level material at an accelerated rate beginning about halfway through the curriculum.

Intermediate 5:1 - This means they are working on the fifth grade Saxon book (which they will receive on Tuesday) beginning with lesson 1.

Intermediate 5:60 - This means they are working on the fifth grade Saxon book (which they will receive on Tuesday) beginning with lesson 60.

Course 1:1 - This means that they are working on the Course 1 Saxon book (6th grade, technically) beginning with lesson 1



Hello! Welcome to Mrs. MacNevin’s class. I hope you are as excited to start this new school year as I am. The teachers have been working hard this summer to make this year the best yet! There are a few more things that we are looking for in addition to the supplies list that is posted on the ERA website. We seem to work through everything we have rather quickly. Additional donations of the following items would be helpful (but are not mandatory): more wooden pencils, expo markers, 3x5 index cards, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, construction paper, Expo dry erase board wipes or cloths, Ziploc bags, baby wipes, and single serve small snacks (for back up). Please also visit our class website (listed below) to see a broader wish list.

A change you may have noticed if you have logged into Infinite Campus is that each teacher is teaching a different subject this year. Mrs. Madigan will be teaching Writing to all 4th graders, Mrs. MacNevin will be teaching Science, and Mr. Muller will be teaching Social Studies. All three of us are anxious to crack open the books and get started!

Remember that the Back to School picnic will be on Monday, August 20th from 5:00-7:00pm at Lake Riley (9180 Riley Lake Rd. Eden Prairie). It will be a fun time to meet your classmates and your teachers. Please make sure you make it to Orientation here at school on Wednesday, August 22nd from 7:00-8:30pm. There will be tables with tons of information for the upcoming school year. If your child wants to bring their supplies that evening, it would be a great chance to get everything out the door before school starts. For more information on both events, go to the ERA website.

I hope to see everyone soon!

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