Our latest production, 'Entertaining Mr. Sloane', will be playing at 

Picasso Point with nine shows throughout April 2009.


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Equus's Spring Production 2009

'Entertaining Mr. Sloane

by Joe Orton

Message from the Director  - 

Why  Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr. Sloane?

Following the success of Equus, back in May 2008, I found myself looking for a new challenge.  I was really keen to do a comedy, and read several plays with a view to choosing one for performance here in Budapest.  One of the first I read was  Entertaining Mr. Sloane, a black comedy with a difficult and challenging text.  It didn't immediately strike a 'must-do' chord, but it remained lodged in my mind.  


Then one evening during a phone conversation  with an old drama school friend, we got to talking about Joe Orton, in particular about Entertaining Mr. Sloane,  and we both agreed on what a good play it would be to do.  What appealed to us most about this is how Orton conjures up an environment of apparently everyday normality against a sinister backdrop of twisted family values, sexuality and violence.  And of course the fact that it is funny – very funny if acted well. 


Our call led to a sportsman’s bet whereby if I managed to put on Entertaining Mr.  Sloane here in Budapest, unless my friend was otherwise engaged, he would come out and see it.  I realized, despite the difficulties in presenting to a primarily Hungarian audience, it would work with the right approach. I started looking for a team and soon found there was great interest and before I knew it, we were in rehearsal.  


It is good to be directing again and I hope that you will be able to come and judge for yourself how Joe Orton’s piece still ‘entertains’.





P.s.  Sean, if you are reading, the bet is on!