YDT Guides

A Youth Guide is an adult who
  • Loves God
  • Likes Kids
These small group guides put relationships first!  A couple or a couple of friends can be "small group leaders" together, trading off as their schedule allows.  Youth guides PRAY with and for their small group of youth, taking an interest in their lives.  The small groups are intended to be a carload of four or five youth with one or two adult guides each.

Youth Guides come on Wednesdays, arriving at 6:15 or so if possible. 
- At 6:30 the youth guides meet briefly for prayer and coordination. 
- At 6:45 the guides gather for fun & praise with the youth. 
- At 7:15, 9th grade guides lead small group discussions with questions provided, 7th & 8th grade sit with their groups during pastor's teaching time.
- At 7:45, the groups switch, so 9th grade guides bring their groups to the teaching time and 7th & 8th grade guides go with their groups to lead small group discussions.
- At 8:15 the guides hang out with the kids.

Youth Guides also participate and lead their small groups in service projects and friendship events.  They meet with our youth director who will help the guides know what to do and how to best love and serve the kids.

God is calling adults to serve in this way!