How to Be Confirmed

revised September 2, 2009

If you will be in tenth grade, or if you haven't been confirmed yet and are older, you are invited to move toward confirmation.  Confirmation in the tenth grade year is also known as Affirmation of Baptism.

If you want to be confirmed but are are new to our church, or if you have not been participating in YDT at our church, please contact Pastor Thorson or Nate Bendorf.

We want this to be a great fall for you in many ways.  These are very busy times, but it's in the midst of busyness that it's important to grow spiritually.  That's what we'll be doing this fall as we get ready for confirmation day.

If you faithfully participated in Youth Discipleship Training (YDT) (also known as "confirmation classes" or "youth group") for the three years, you have already learned the basics of the faith and had an overview of the Bible - see What and How We Teach.  We expect that you are praying every day, worshiping ever week, reading your Bible, serving, relating with others (such as in youth group) and giving offerings.

We expect that you will
  1. Try out the new Sunday evening YDT events or youth grades 7-12 - Nate will tell you more.
  2. Continue to PoWeR SuRGe as a young confirmed Christian..
  3. Attend the Friday-Saturday, Lutheran Teaching retreat - see letter from Nate.
  4. Write and read publicly, before witnesses, a Personal Statement of Faith.  Turn in the first draft on or before October 1. (see details below on the Statements of Faith page)
  5. Participate with Carlynn Lundeen and Karen Anderson as they helps you prepare for Confirmation Day.  They will be sending you a letter soon.
  6. Be prepared to read your personal Statements of Faith and receive the Lord's Supper with your families on Wednesday evening, before confirmation day.  The rest of the youth will be there to hear your statements.
  7. Affirm your Baptism on Sunday morning, the last Sunday in October.
  8. Continue to  PoWeR SuRGe to gain the blessing of God's Word on your life now and forever.
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