Affirmation of Baptism

Affirmation of Baptism, also known as "Confirmation," is an important moment in the life of young disciples. 

In the fall of the Tenth Grade year young people are invited to be "confirmed."  Older youth who have not yet been confirmed are invited to join in!

Being confirmed has three parts:
  1. to say out loud. with witnesses present, that you believe (=trust) in God by
    - making a personal statement of faith and
    - confessing the Christian faith in the words of the Apostle's Creed.
  2. to say out loud, with witnesses present, that you plan to continue to be a disciple of Jesus in connection with the church (in harmony with our church's PoWeR SuRGe emphasis) and
  3. to have the pastor and other significant adults pray for you with the "laying on of hands."
We call this "Affirmation" or "Saying YES" to baptism.  Because many of us are baptized as children, it's good for us to say "yes" to what our loved ones did for us in bringing us to be baptized.  This is a time when we say "yes" much as our parents did by promising to bring us to church, to teach, pray and be examples for us.  In this "Affirmation" we say "yes" for ourselves.

All persons present on Confirmation Day will be invited to join our confirmands for the confession of faith and a reaffirmation of participation in PoWeR SuRGe.

See How to Be Confirmed to learn the steps that will help you move toward Affirmation of Baptism.