Pray Every Day

We Praise and thank God, Repent of our many sins and receive forgiveness.  We Ask for whatever we need and Yield to the will of God.  We teach our children, letting them hear us pray.


Worship Every Week

We gather on Sundays for worship.  When out of town, we worship with others hearing God’s Word and use our voices to praise and pray.  Worship is an active response to our Lord’s grace.  “Where two or three are gathered in my name,” says Jesus, “I am there among them.”


Read and study the Bible

We read the Bible together as families and in small groups.  We read & study in personal quiet time.  When we have questions, we seek answers.  The best place to start is in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  There we find Jesus — the living Word of God.


Serve at & beyond Evangelical Lutheran Church

God loves the world through you and me.  So we serve, using the time and talents God has given.   We serve in families, among friends, at work, at church, in our local area—and beyond!  (We can help you find a way to serve that is fitting for you.)


Relate with others for spiritual growth

It is not good for man, woman, youth or child to be alone.  So God brings us together in Christ-centered relationships.  In those relationships we grow in faith, hope, and self-giving love.  Then we share the faith with others.


Give generously as God has first given to me

God blesses us with the ability to work and to earn a living.  Being thankful, we give a proportion (a “tithe”) of our incomes to the work of God’s church and help those in need.