A few days before the Lord opened the possibility of coming to Cokato, I happened upon the book PoWeR SuRGe.  Written by Pastor Mike Foss, it looks at what happened when the first Christians
              • prayed,
              • worshiped,
              • learned from the Lord's eye-witnesses,
              • served,
              • spent time in relationships and
              • gave as God has first given to them.
(This pattern of Christian life resulted from the Holy Spirit's work.  You can see it after Peter preaches to the crowds in the second chapter of Acts.)

After reading Mike Foss's book in 2005, I decided that if I ever was called to another church I would use this pattern to encourage spiritual growth.

A few days later my father-in-law, Dick Dahlin, said they were looking for a pastor in his home church.  I talked it over with the call committee and church council leadership, and then, after becoming pastor here, began a process leading to asking every adult and youth to make the following commitment:

I believe God is calling me to active membership in the church.  So, for his glory, I will do my best to:
         [  ] PRAY every day
         [  ] WORSHIP every week
         [  ] READ the Bible
         [  ] SERVE at and beyond Evangelical Lutheran Church
         [  ] RELATE with others for spiritual growth
         [  ] GIVE generously as God has given to me

As we make & keep this commitment each year, the lost will be found, the broken will be healed, and the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ will be believed and treasured by more and more, to the glory of God.

We plan that all members of our church will join in making the PoWeR SuRGe pledge each year when our young people are confirmed in the Affirmation of Baptism.