Love is Universal

Together our spirits have grown more than ever before because we've both found another person who shares our sentiments on life. We are learning how to expand ourselves by incorporating each other's individual qualities.  We have experienced what it means to be in partnership enduring debilitation and care-taking.  We also contend with managing individual family commitments and challenges, while trying to build and maintain the family we've become to each other. We cannot forget the arguments that make us feel like we are failing, yet we persist in trying to transform them into tools for doing things better the next time.  
Until now, neither of us had ever found someone else who was committed to doing the work to fully experience what a healthy relationship can yield:  growth, insight, trust, endurance, stability, respect, friendship, faith, support, leadership, intimacy......hope to navigate life with someone on a mutual chord of love.
These are not virtues that we aspire to as a couple because we're "special".   We aspire to them because we are humanly the same as any other committed couple.  Committed couples who deeply want to foster healthy partnerships and families work toward these principles every day. 

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