Circa 2008: How We Met

After a failed attempt at celebrating her birthday the night before, ShaDonna decided to try again with an old friend she hadn't seen in a while.  I was reuniting with an old friend of my own who had recently moved back to town.  

On March 16, 2008, ShaDonna (A.K.A. Jaxx) and I were drawn to the same lounge in DC on U Street, on the same night, at the same time.      

As I sat next to my frien"chair dancing" (lamely dancing to music while sitting, instead of on the dance floor), ShaDonna playfully announced that "chair dancing" was not all allowed because it was her birthday.  She asked us to dance with her.  We did, and ultimately I was glad I celebrated with her!  After a few dances, and a casual conversation at the neighboring late-night eats spot later, we were off to discovering one another. 

Early on in our relationship and at the place where we met.

Since that night, we have only seen ShaDonna's friend ONCE, but we have spent almost every day of our lives together.  She still endearingly calls me her "birthday gift".


The day before I met Lakisha I made up my mind to free myself to live in all the love and happiness possible. The next day, which was my birthday, I went as far as to step out of my shell and ask two women for a dance at the same time.  I noted Lakisha’s fun spirit when she was the one willing to dance and celebrate my birthday with me without even knowing me.  It was not just her smile and dance moves she used to win my admiration in an instant.  Before the night ended, we managed to have a short conversation that added to the list of proof that our meeting was cosmic. 

Coincidentally this beautifully radiant, sophisticated, and goal focused woman happened to work in the same office with MY MOTHER for many years.  After pausing my heart’s beat as I awaited the verdict, I was relieved to learn that Lakisha and MY MOM ACTUALLY GOT ALONG.  If you know my mom, you know that she (with no harm meant) is a straight up no chaser kind of woman who people love or hate. With all taken into account, I knew I would love this woman...and I DO!     


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