Learning takes place in different ways. Formal learning takes place in educational institutions in accordance with the national curricula. Nonformal learning covers e.g. various courses in folk high schools or community colleges and the learning in specific hobbies. Informal learning takes place everywhere, notwithstanding of the environment. Informal learning usually  takes place without any goals set in advance.

A young person doing his/her placement abroad learns a lot through informal learning, not only the key competences of lifelong learning but also other skills included in language and culture. To facilitate the validation and recognition of the informal learning the student can before the placement be given a set of learning assignments to support his/her own reflection during the time abroad. This Cultural Knowledge through Informal Learning course describes the learning objectives and provides the learning assignments, which the student is to complete and report in the agreed way.
The learning assignments can be found under the link Assessment criteria, on the left hand corner of the page.