The Environmental Impact of Tourism on the

Dominican Republic

PROJECT SUMMARY: This project shows the present and possible future outcomes of the state of the environment in the Dominican Republic. We focused specifically on how tourism in the D.R. impacts and affects the environment. There are two sections of this web page: 1) The present state of the Dominican Repuablic's environment and 2) The future of tourism and the environment.


Completed By:

Kirk John

Eileen Pushee

Eileen and Kirk are both New York City Teaching Fellows from Cohort 12. Kirk is a High School Special Ed. Science teacher at Lehman High School in the Bronx, NY. Eileen teaches 7th grade Math and Science at Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School in the Bronx, NY.

Eileen Pushee

Kirk John

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Subject: Science

Grade Level: 7-12

Number of Classsroom hours spent on the project: 

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Students will be able to:

  • Describe the different ecosystems of the Dominican Republic
  • Discover how tourism is a major culture component of the D.R.
  • Connect how tourism impacts the ecosystem
  • Predict the future of environmental state of the Dominican Republic


Sustainable Tourism in the Dominican Republic

The Present State of the Dominican Republic Tourism and Environment




This site connects social studies with sciences. It discusses how the culture of both the Dominican Republic and the culture of tourism affect the natural environment. It will also show how there is both a responsible and irresponsible way to deal with and develop our environment. 


 This site is a great way to connect social studies with ecology and environmental science.

Have the students predict the different possible outcomes of the environment of the Dominican Republic.


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