Epub Tools

Tools to easily Create .epub files (ebooks) 

epub.py : a simple python script that will take a TXT file and convert it into an .epub file.  

To Use:

  1. Create a text File that has your text you want to convert into an ebook.  Use the follwing formating codes:
    1. Any line that start with __ will be a Chapter/Section Title (that is a double underscore)
    2. You can have one image per line (the tag can be included anywhere on the line) defined with:  __img[IMAGEPATH]  where IMAGEPATH can be
      1. http://path/to/image
      2. ./path to image
      3. /full/path/to/image
    3. One line per book should have _title  followed by the title of the book
    4. One line per book should have _author followed by the author of the book
    5. Blank lines indicate a paragraph break.
  2. Once you have your text file run the ./epub.py TEXTFILENAME.txt OutputName  (this requires python and zip, so currently this will only run on MAC or Linux)
  • Better CSS
  • Better Display
  • More formating options
  • more metadata options