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Paired Reading      Precision Teaching    Reversals     Smooth Phonics    Dyslexia    KidsSkills 

PAIRED READING accelerates reading progress

This is probably the most cost-effective way of getting acceleration in reading progress.
You train the parents or volunteers. They do the intervention.  Ask your EP for help in running a training meeting for helpers and children together.  See the research evidence in the leaflet. Print the leaflet to give to helpers.             

Leaflet:  How to do Paired Reading  Handout in big print: four A4 pages.

                                                   Reduce on a photocopier to create an A5  folding leaflet

VIDEO: How to do Paired Reading    improvised at EPTB.

PRECISION TEACHING retention through fluency
Yippee,  I've  got to  fluency  three days running!

Use this technique when a child is not retaining basic learning despite  your usual group interventions.  It requires about 5 minutes  a day one-to-one.  The page has a brief summary  instruction sheets, recording chart and sample worksheets (probes)  (Click on the heading)

REVERSALS:   when children read or write letters  back to front.
Using directional pictograms related to reading direction
Using precision teaching to practise discrimination of correct/mirrored.  There are ready-made probes here!                   

EP toolbox page on helping with Reversals


SMOOTH PHONICS   sounding out without the gaps  

VIDEO: teaching smooth phonics    from EP toolbox. 

Smooth phonics page:    explains, and sets out steps for smooth blending 
EPTB  recommends using continuous blending (mmaann) rather than sounding out with gaps (m / a / n).  Research evidence backs this up. Some children can't cope with gappy phonics.

DYSLEXIA: definitions, concepts  and policy 

Famous dyslexics

Click here to go to the dyslexia page  

KIDS SKILLS for emotional, social and other skills

Kids Skills is  a wonderful way to involve children in their own change... ideal for emotional, social and behaviour skills, but also for independence skills, concentration, task-completion etc etc. By Ben Furman  from Finland. If it seems too complicated, adapt it to suit your child.  I suggest you look at ordinary Kids Skills first,  leave  Online, and "Bam" till later.

Kids Skills in a nutshell:     << Look here first... Then>>  Kids Skills: full  details

Kids skills on one page.   This is my one-page summary. Go to Ben Furman’s fun website, and send off for his colourful posters and/or workbooks. Ask me to show you samples.    
VIDEO: Kids Skills online:   On this video Ben Furman demonstrates the online version of the programme.   Looks good, but  maybe it's easier to start with  the books and posters )






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