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Epsilon Pi Tau
The Leading International Honor Society for Technology

Epsilon Pi Tau recognizes academic excellence of students in fields devoted to the study of technology and the preparation of practitioners for the technology professions.

Epsilon Pi Tau also extends the honor of membership and advancement activities to outstanding practitioners in the technology professions, scholars with exemplary research interests in technology in society and/or persons who have significantly supported or advanced technology professions.  All prospective members from these groups must meet Epsilon Pi Tau professional and leadership performance criteria.

In addition to a recognition program that extends through members' careers and beyond, Epsilon Pi Tau continually seeks to serve, support, and strengthen the technology professions through publications, conferences, through leadership, and alliances with corporations, professional associations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

Past Presidents of Alpha Field Chapter

Frank Adelseck           1947                  Ray Smith                      1971                  John Cunningham          1993

Wilbur Day                  1949                  Frank Fukuzawa            1972                  Anthony Solomon           1994

Tom Weir                     1950                  Bruce Mackie                 1973                  Cliff Horn                        1995

Fred Baer                    1951                  Norman Rose                 1974                  Ben Avila                       1996

Wayne Wonacott         1952                  Ken Adrianse                 1975                  Mike Izzo                        1997

Edgar R. Lanning        1953                  Melvin Means                 1976                  Irene Saavedra              1998

George Cole                1954                  Frank Pellegrino            1977                   Hursey Fortenberry       1999

Keith Gummere           1955                  James Downing             1978                   Gayle Brodie                  2000

Dale Gustafson           1956                  Ken Adrianse                 1979                   Robert Robinson            2001

Herb Verman               1957                  Gene Lew                      1980                   Harvey Phillips               2002

Robert Cheatham        1958                  Ray Peel                        1981                   Artie Lindauer                2003

Frank Smith                 1959                  David Hergesheimer      1982                   David Jenkins               2004

Ivan Williams               1960                  Lorraine Huttenburg       1983                   Patrick Chung               2005

Harvey Seiple              1961                  Dennis Pugh                  1984                   Don Vandegraft             2006

Bruce Akers                 1962                  Art Serote                      1985                   Brad Walsh                    2007

Walt Thompson            1963                  Charles Wooleve           1986                   Randell Brown, Jr.         2008

Ted Knudson                1964                  Jerry Greene                 1987                   Ross Mitchell                 2009

Ted Knudson                1965                  Richard Osborn             1988                   David Smith                   2010

 Frank Fukuzawa         1966                  Wilbur Namestka           1989                   George Terlaak              2011

Buck Highberger          1967                  Bruce Jessen                1990                    James Ng                      2012

Earl Wilbert                  1968                  Frank Rodriguez            1991                    Grant Francis                2013

Maurice Kopp               1969                  Dennis Matsumoto        1992                    Grant Francis                2014

Keith Rogers                1970                                                                                     John Mason         2015-2017

Past Chapter Trustees

Claude Nihart

J. Lyman Goldsmith

Ted Elmgren

John Giovannoni

Robert Soltys

Frank Fukuzawa

Guilbert Hentschke

Ray Smith