Post Poll Reflection:

Mr Grayling increased his majority and there was a near tripling of the UKIP vote (33,309 and 7177 respectively).

LibDem's vote collapsed from 14734 to 5002 and Labour's increased by a couple of thousand to 8866.

Greens first time in polled 2116.

My vote of 612 is neither here nor there - I hoped, by endorsing Labour, Liberal and Green candidates in my literature and website, to assist build a majority of votes for pro-HRA candidates.

I contemplated the possibility of having an opposite effect but obviously larger electoral forces were at work. Nevertheless, though Epsom and Ewell is far from typical, the result is indicative of the serious risks that the public might be carried by a repeal of the HRA.

Our work is really cut out to protect it. Let's hope that the next Parliament will not have a majority for repealing the HRA. Grayling has said he wants to continue the justice portfolio.

Was it all worth it for me?

I hope I might have inspired others to stand up when needed in the future. Did any national party leader mention the threat on telly?

If human rights protection here and abroad goes belly up I guess I will have a clearer conscience than some that I took a small stand in the heartland of the flag bearer of this peculiar project to "scrap the HRA".  

Thank you for all who encouraged and supported me.

Lionel Blackman
07:00am 8th May 2015