Open letter to Chris Grayling

Lionel Blackman

7 Waterloo Road



KT19 8AY


Mr. Chris Grayling MP

Houses of Parliament





 12th March 2015


Dear Chris,

I believe your ambition to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998 is gravely misguided.

The protection of human rights will not only be weakened in our own country but there will be dangerous repercussions in Europe and throughout the world. Your march away from international protection of human rights will have many willing followers amongst States that have less respect for the rights and freedoms of their own people.

For good reasons the world’s leaders in the post 2nd World War period recognized the necessity for international mechanisms to protect our freedoms. Freedoms for which thousands of our citizens gave their lives fighting for.

In order to cast a small spotlight on your mistake I will stand as an Independent Candidate at the General Election in Epsom and Ewell. Please visit the website for more of my argument.

You have not even published a draft law that would replace the Human Rights Act you wish to repeal! If this is a sign of a change of mind on your part please declare it now. Policies should not be a game of “hide and seek”.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely


Lionel Blackman


GRAYLING, Chris [by email]
Sat 14/03/2015 09:48
lionel blackman;

Thanks. There is a Church hustings being organised at St Paul’s Howell Hill, so I will look forward to debating this with you then.
I thought you were a Lib Dem, though!
Best wishes

My reply:


GRAYLING, Chris <by email>;

Dear Chris,

I was a LibDem up until very recently - but felt this issue was one deserving a special spotlight and so I left.

I will feel at home at St Paul's where I was a choir boy and practised on its organ.

Hope to see you there then,

Best wishes,


So it seems pretty clear then that there will be no going back if the Conservatives win the 2015 General Election from the threat to the Human Rights Act made by Chris Grayling in his speeches to the Conservative Party conferences of 2013 and 2014. I quote from the 2013 speech:

"We will scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act. We will make sure that with legal rights go legal responsibilities. Our Supreme Court should be in Britain and not in Strasbourg. And a future Conservative Government will do whatever it takes to make sure it is." Chris Grayling 2013 Conservative Party conference.

"And we should not be told by an international court, accountable to no one in this country, that we have to give votes to prisoners and stop sending the most brutal murderers to prison for the rest of their lives. **

Last year I promised you that our manifesto would contain a clear plan to tackle this problem.

You will hear more about that plan shortly."## 
Chris Grayling 2014 Conservative Party conference.

**[Wrong on the first point - the European Court of Human Rights states we should have a system that is not a blanket ban on all prisoners - so some lesser offenders may have the right to vote and others more serious, not. Wrong on the second point  - whole life sentences have been upheld by the courts :LB]

##[It's just a few weeks now before the election and we have not got the plan! LB]