Dear Colleague,

I do not think it is paranoia to worry about our human rights becoming a thing of the past. There are forces here and in the wider world that when in power will not respect universal human rights. There is a resurgent authoritarianism growing in large parts of Eurasia including particularly Russia. The extremist/criminal so called Islamic trend is enlarging. Our own country, as with many others, teeters on bankruptcy in fact, and nothing is certain as to how the strains on the management of our social fabric will turn out. Looking further into the future there is little doubt that the effects of global warming and changes to our oceans will present severe challenges to world food production and the existence of coastal communities.

I hope I am paranoid and a fear that human rights protections might unravel is wholly unfounded. But when a leading politician in the UK Chris Grayling delights in the language of "Scrapping the Human Rights Act" and the sentiment is echoed word for word in the Conservative Party's 2015 Manifesto there is at least a cause for concern.

It is easier to stop a snowball when it is small than when it is half way down the mountain.

So, tomorrow please consider voting Labour, Liberal or Green. Parties that support the Human Rights Act (though Labour has been a little equivocal in some respects). Or, if you are in Epsom and Ewell vote for me. I believe that by reducing Grayling's absolute majority to a mere "first past the post" win, we can send a message. Your vote will be worthwhile.

Please urge your friends, if sympathetic, to do the same and vote.

Yours sincerely,

Lionel Blackman