The Candidate - Lionel Blackman

Lionel Blackman is a solicitor working at the "coal face of humanity". He has vast experience of the real lives of people from all walks of life. He has lived in Epsom and Ewell for 45 years. His political experience includes activism in the Labour Party and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq activity in the Liberal Democrat Party. He was a Councillor of Epsom and Ewell (2005 - 2007) (during which time he did not claim a penny allowances or expenses). He stood in the 2010 General Election in Esher and Walton.  In recent years he has undertaken a wide variety of overseas legal trainings, trial observations and human rights related inquiries in Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Romania, Pakistan, Syria and others.

Come what may the health of Parliament would be improved with a few more independent voices in it. However,  Mr Blackman wishes to emphasise that the principal objective of his standing in the General Election is to send a message to the Conservative Party.  That message will be strong if Mr Grayling's majority is cut down or lost altogether. "Clipping his wings" so a future Conservative Government (if there be one after May 7th) does not fly with this foolish policy of turning our back on the European wide protection of ours and others human rights.

He is standing as an Independent as the political parties, quite rightly, have so many other issues and policies to bring to your attention. The combination of Grayling's policy on the Human Rights Act, Mr Blackman's interest in international human rights and near life long residency in Epsom and Ewell all form a co-incidence of factors motivating him to stand up and put a spotlight on the issue.

His little claim to fame is to have been the first member of the solicitor side of the legal profession to win a case in the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court).  He is Chairman of the Solicitors International Human Rights Group.

For the record he declares that if elected he would act independently of any political party. He would vote in Parliament according to his conscience.  He would be a dedicated constituency worker. He would continue to live in Epsom. He would make no bogus or unwarranted expenses claims! 

Read a candid interview with Lionel Blackman conducted by John Van Der Luit-Drummond, Deputy Editor of the Solicitors' Journal, 28th April 2015, about why he is standing.

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