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Exhibition Layouts

Layouts Exhibited in 2019

Name Scale, Gauge Subject Approximate size
Arun Quay 7mm/ft, O BR(S), 1950s 3.5m x 0.8m
Fintonagh (Clogher Valley Project) 7mm/ft, On16.5 Clogher Valley Railway (Irish narrow gauge) 3m x 0.5m
Dent 4mm/ft, OO Settle and Carlisle 14' x 8'
Frecclesham 7mm/ft, O BR(S), 1950s 23' x 3'
Gerrog Wen 4mm/ft, OO9 Snowdonia, 1880s 9' x 2'
Hornby Junction 4mm/ft, OO Children's activity layout using products by Hornby Ltd. 9' x 5'
Hurstmonceux 4mm/ft, OO BR(S) Ouse valley, 1950s 26' x 2'?
Little Aller Junction 2mm/ft, N BR(W) Devon, 1960s 7' x 3'6"
Llangerisech 2mm/ft, 2FS (9.42mm) GWR (Cambrian), 1930s 9'6" x 8'
Minories 4mm/ft, P4 BR(S), 1950s 4.35m x 2.5m
Northallerton 2mm/ft, N Post privatization (N.Yorkshire), 2000s 25' x 4'6"
Snowdon (NWNGR) 8mm/ft, 1:38 Rhyd Ddu, North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway 17' x 2'
St George's Dock 7mm/ft, O Tyneside, 1930s 3m x 1.5m
Theobald's Yard 7mm/ft, O Mixed gauge industrial 27' x 8'6"
Vale of Oxbury 2mm/ft, N BR(W), early 1960s 12' x 4'
Wittenden 7mm/ft, On16.5 Kent, 1950s 16' x 2'
Wolfe Low 7mm/ft, O Staffordshire, 1920s 24' x 3'
Searles Railway 7¼in & 5in mixed gauge Miniature Railway Rides