EpsLin - File Utility for Ensoniq Musical Instruments

EpsLin is a command line tool to access Ensoniq (EPS/ASR) formatted floppy disks, CD-ROMs, hard disks and disk images.

It is available both Windows and Linux. Source is also available (GPL).

To see usage examples, please refer the Help-page.


To enable floppy disk support in Windows, download and install fdrawcmd.sys!

Are there any GUI version?

Not yet.. I have made a tool called ERLA (
Ensoniq Remote Load Application) that is in
pre-alpha stage. The main idea is able to have all the instruments (and songs/banks) in
PC's hard disk and with Erla to upload the instruments to EPS/ASR. It requires MIDI and shared
SCSI media (ZIP/HD) between PC and EPS/ASR, but the sample upload is quite fast! This will
eliminate the hassle with all the Floppies/CD-ROMs etc.

Hare are the "teaser" screenshot:

If there are enough interest, I might finish it ;-)

Last modified: 10 May 2011