About Tor Haug

He is well known both in Norway and International for his methodology development:
  • The wall chart methods – are an integrating method in organizational development, administrative efficiency and system development. The method was launched in Sweden and Norway by the employers’ associations, and has been one of the dominating methods in systems development in the Nordic countries for more than 20 year. This experience and knowledge was the main background for development of EPR.
  • The EPR concept – electronic processes based on e-Folder. The basic question was: Would it be possible to develop a common way of data support for all kind of working processes by organizing a limited number of standard and generic components? The answer was a standardized structure and functionality for all kind of electronic folders. In 1997 the book about EPR published by the University Press in Oslo. The book was no commercial success, because it was some years too early for the technology, but the principles has shown to be stable.
  • Goal Directed Project Management – Milestone planning and Responsibility Charts – is another concept. The concept was presented official in 1975, while the book was published in Norwegian in 1984 (Andersen, Grude, Haug). Translated to six languages. The London based publisher Koogan Page published the third English edition early 2004. The concept of BRADOK – User oriented analysis and documentation system.

Tor hopes his experience will be an important contribution to the eSam work and spesially the PSQA work.
Other relevant experiences:
  • Development manager in Norske Folk for 11 year (at that time the leading Life and Pension Insurance Company in Norway)
  • One of three founders of Coopers&Lybrand Consulting – CLC (later PwC Consulting) in Norway. Tor left CLC in 1994.
  • Chair of The Norwegian Data Association (DND) for 6 years. DND is the official Norwegian member of IFIP.