Together with Quality (PSQA)

PSQA = Public Supervision & Quality Assurance

"Together with Quality" address the solutions of one of the biggest challengers the society is facing with today: 

         – lack of quality and quality defects

We are talking about huge scandals that have enormous impact on our Society:
  • Financial corruptions in both Public and Private sector ( Ex Public bribery, Insider trading etc.. )
  • Stock Exchange market (Ex Enron, WorldCom etc ..)
  • Construction scandals (Ex Tunnel in Vestfold Norway etc..)
  • Bacteria in Food ( Ex E.coli Gilde Norway etc.. )
  • Indoor climate in schools and other public buildings
  • Treatment and medication mistakes in hospitals
  • etc, etc
It do also concern quality defects that result in redoing work, not satisfied customers etc.

"Together with quality" is important both for business competition ability and quality in Public services.

PSQA Program: 
This program will develop a common electronic framework for the authority’s supervisions and quality assurance for the business enterprises.
PSQA is supposed to be used in all relevant governmental supervisions and by the enterprises that need to comply with the supervisions requirements. PSQA is based on international quality standards. PSQA is a superstructure using electronic folders that integrate and interact with underlying legacy and expert systems. 

The supervisions work and practise in enterprises are supposed to be extremely more focused and goal oriented for the best of the common community and society in general. 

We are searching partners doing following roles:
  • Authorety Supervisions that wants to develop their selves in coordination with the enterprises quality assurance. 
  • Enterprises seeing the advantage in using quality assurance on their own products, services and organisation according to the supervisions directions and requirements. 
  • ICT organisations that wants to deliver software contributions to the super structure.
  • Authorities and business area organisations seeing the community and society advantages by using PSQA.