A Better&Safer way of Living ! (NO)

Half-day seminar on the 26 of April 2012 in Oslo at BI Nydalen
The Health Care challenges require autonomous solutions ! The seminar focuses are put on how standardized functional models can be linked into quality-assured processes and procedures in both  manual and electronic work flows. The two DnD groups "Supply Chain Management" and "Health ICT" along with EPR-forum/OASIS and BI invites to seminar: 
"A Better and Safer way of Living", Thursday26 April at. 08.30 

Norwegian seminar report "Industriell-IKT":(GS1-Helse og IKT)

The EPR-forum contribution: 
" A Better and Safer way of Living with the new Welfare Technology"
Speaker: Hans A. Kielland Aanesen, EPR-Forum/OASIS

The lecture deals with the possibilities in how modern welfare technology can handle standardized functional operating models of available ambient assistant technology devices and body sensors into Cloud Transformation. 
This new XML-Templating abstraction technology  interact with the Work-Flow of quality-assured processes&procedures and the service-based and manual response activities.