eHealth service managemet & environmental control

EPR-forum in co-operation with OASIS (TGF, CAM and BCM) has now made a document draft on a needed future service model for our global automated society dealing with self-assisted services interacting with the private and public national health care services. Our main project now is to integrate a manual and automatic Workflow Engine (EPR-eFolder) with real time process control environment ( condition monitoring on both body and living areas: EPR-eDevice):

"Scenariao Composing"
( OASIS CAM/BCM templating ) 
" Cloud of Services through Cloud of Things"

This new way of META Engineering is done by health practitioners and not IT programmers or IT specialists:

See also EPR-forum's White-paper from Norwegian Computing Center here.
EPR-forums Integrated Service planning and Reporting (ISR) solution by scenario template composing is here demonstrated through the EPR-eFolder and EPR-eDevice methodology based on OASIS real Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) standards.
The document (link below the figure) encourages to a common joint effort to solve tomorrow's huge health care challenges.
It describes how future home and community health care services can be delivered using a range of new technologies and using standards developed by the EPR-forum and OASIS, and provides an overview of current efforts to build a new demonstrator showing how these services can be provided by the interoperability of the various electronic networked devices and systems.

Our OASIS and EPR-forum spesified service model : "eHealth - Thre Future Service Model for Home and Community Health Care" is wanted to be part of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems & Technologies 24-26 July 2013. See link here
Hans Arthur Kielland Aanesen,
Jun 26, 2013, 6:12 AM
Hans Arthur Kielland Aanesen,
May 31, 2013, 1:01 PM