Cloud Transformation program

The"EPR Cloud Transformation program" has its main focus on:
Self Management  &  Self Service

The superstrucure's Scenario templating for manual workflow instructions and reporting are founded on following "real" Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) standards and specifications: 

Bridging Information Systems in Real-Time:
The main cityzen centric initiative in the EPR-forum Cloud Transformation Program is founded on a generic "open" Superstructure running Template engines that consumes standarized Templates in a "real" SOA solution. We name to days vendor based SOA "Technological and platform Oriented Architecture" TOA . 
See Fig:" EPR-eFolder Engine SOA standard" at the end of this page.
The rule and scenario made Templates with interaction methodolegy is handling loosly coupled applications (CAM-elements, Sematic Web services, ebXML etc) in existing Legacy & Expert systemes. An important Templating part do also handle interaction of Real Time sensors and activators in running network devices for both environment and body related condition monitoring.

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 Health Care Example:

Voice Controlled handling of manual Working instructions and reporting

EPR-forum predict exstensive use of SmartPhones and Tabletts in the execution of Public Home Care services. 
This enabled by help of the new HTML5 browser standard and Cloud Transformation with Service Management Templating.

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EPR-eFolder Templating:
( Service Management )

EPR-eDevice Templating:
( Environmental Management )

Condition monitoring interaction: ( EPR-eDevices )

Basic  EPR-eDevice Modelling Element:

EPR-eDevice Modelling Elements:

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