Kuzu Zangpo

Welcome to Bhutan. Venture into a world of exotics, myths, 

legends and spirituality which are as vital and alive today 

as they were centuries back. Explore more about our

“Gross National Happiness” (GNH), a unique development 

concept and how it contributes to elevating Bhutan to one of the 

happiest nation on the planet. 

It is not just the uniqueness of our culture we have for offer but

the pristine  environment which we have carefully preserved for 

our future generations and the people with smiling faces. We welcome you to Bhutan to 

share it. Follow the 5 simple steps to Bhutan. Select an itinerary or request for a  customiz-

ed trip. Should additional assistance desired, you are most welcome to write us. 

Sincerely, Nim Dorji / CEO