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After a weekend without electricity for the most part, an acute fuel shortage, and a computer going haywire I finally get a chance to sit down for a minute and give you all an update. A few of you have individual updates for individual projects and I will send those out very soon but..........
Remember that day you went to the fair and just had to ride the roller coaster? And remember how you swore you would ride it without hanging on and you would put your hands in the air even on the biggest drop? And then remember how you almost threw up during the ride but when it came to a stop you were all smiles amidst the exhilaration? Well, today was that day for us.
This morning started out meeting the real estate representative for the house we rented. You all remember the consternation we had leading up to coming here because we had no house but just before we left the states and then Sam found a house and put a deposit on it? We were supposed to move in on Monday (today) but the renovation is going slowly. Mind you, we arrived in Malawi a couple of days early so we have spent a few days longer at the Assemblies guest house than we had originally planned at 75 dollars per night so we were very anxious to move into the new house. So today we were informed that the house would not be ready until the first of the year AND the owner went over budget so he was increasing the rent from 700 per month to 1000 per month. HAH HAH GAG!!
Needless to say my western upbringing came straight to the fore and I said, "Say what? Uh NO!! A contract is a contract; deal with it". So, blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda and some hard ball later we were kinda at an impasse with the agent. We settled that the owner and the agent were basically stuck but we would consider a different house with the same specs at the same price. So off we went to look for a different abode.
Back to this morning. Becky had met a nice lady at CCBC on Sunday and that lady (Elizabeth, who just moved here last month with her family) had invited Becky to a bible study. At this Bible study there were lots of women who knew the ropes and told Becky there was a missionary family going to the states for 6 months and needed a house sitter. So when I arrived to take Becky to see the possible "new" house, she filled me in on the details. So while she filled me in, off to the "new" house we went.
The new house was really nice but the best the agent could drop the price to was 950 per month so Becky and I said we would have to think about it. So off we went to the clinic. Oh yeah, the clinic; I forgot to tell you that last night Ryan got a bad headache and felt really hot so we decided to take him to the clinic for tests. And lo and behold he has Malaria. HA HA HA GAG!!! What a fantastic day! WEEEEE....down the roller coaster we go with our hands held high!!!!!
So, after the clinic we went to visit the missionary family that is moving to the states for six months. Come to find out they are from the Stanwood/Marysville area and are going to stay at the Free Methodist Camp in Warm Beach for their 6 month furlow. Their names are Ryan and Jennifer Wilson. It seems that they had a couple who were going to move in and take care of the Free Methodist compound while they are away but that TODAY that couple cancelled so the Wilson's didn't know what they were going to do since they were going to leave in two weeks.
Entrevue, the now potentially homeless Epperson clan of renown. Free rent and a car to use until July? Maybe we could accept a deal like that but we need a day to think about it. NOT!!! I wonder if maybe God had this in mind the whole time. Maybe the delay in finishing the remodel was part of God's design. Let's see; folks from our hometown in need of finding someone to manage the Free Methodist training compound TODAY and a family that lost their housing TODAY coming together TODAY is totally coincidental, right? Sure, I thought so to. I wonder how many times I have to live a story like this to finally and I mean finally get it through my head that God really is in control and that I really can trust him. Well, until the next crisis that is.
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this little ditty. So Becky went to Daeyang Luke to interview and the interview was, well, so so. The nurse matron wasn't so taken with Becky it seems but the doctor was. But, they wanted Becky to work the 9-5 job on the floor and Becky came here to leave a bit of a larger footprint by training nurses on the floor. So this morning at the Bible study she met a nurse who works at Partners in Hope and this nurse is leaving in February. Partners in Hope has just initiated a new wing at their clinic and are about to hire a lot of nurses and train them and this nurse is in charge of the new policies and procedures as well as training the new nurses and she was pretty worried that Partners in Hope would not find a replacement. It just so happens that Becky wrote policy and procedures in the states as well as train nurses. Another coincidence? On the same day? HA!!! So Becky is now going to interview at Partners in Hope who is in critical need of the skill that Becky came here to ply. Oh, and the best part; Partners in Hope is clear across town from where we were going to stay in area 47. You know where the Free Methodist place is located that we may stay until July? Clear across town just 5 minutes from Partners in Hope. HAHAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just got to love it!!!!!!!!!
So tonight we sit around the dinner table telling this story with smiles on our faces and exhilaration in our hearts. Do I know for sure where we really will land both in housing and work? Nope, not a chance. But I can tell you this; after a day like today I certainly can tell you that our God is in control and that He will lead where He will lead in His time and not ours and we as a family can relax and be good with it. (Until the next crisis, that is. Israelites anyone?)
As for Ryan, tonight he is playing with his sister, Atty, and Tyler so the medication seems to be working. You certainly can pray for him and give thanks that he was on his docycycline (SP?). The doctor said that if he wasn't on it he would be a pretty sick kid, so thanks Dr. Holland for the drugs.
Love you all and thank you thank you thank you for your prayers because, like I wrote to you all before we left, that prayer is what will win this battle because a battle this is. We are not fighting against flesh and blood as Paul said, but against principalities and spiritual darkness. Yes we need support and resources but, and I mean but, without YOUR prayers day in and day out we will have a much tougher road to hoe.
Our prayers are with you all and so this is a two way street here, send us your requests for prayer and we can pray for you here on this side.
Love, David Becky Ryan Kim and Iris



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