This is the workspace for training on Implementing E-Portfolios in English Language Learning with Google Apps, developed by Dr. Helen Barrett.

This website supports a facilitated online course for ITESM, beginning in May 2013, followed by 3-day hands-on workshops inĀ  Mexico City and Monterrey between May 31 and June 7, 2013.

The important links in this Google Site (above):
  1. Information - the overview of the entire course, all assignments and topics
    - 2013 Pre-Workshop Activities includes all activities to complete prior to the workshop
    - 2013 Hands-on Workshop activities includes an overview of the three-day agenda
    - Google Group for course communication before, during, and after hands-on workshop

  2. Lessons - an overview of the lessons, followed by detailed plans for each one

  3. Planning - a summary of the major components of the implementation plan, followed by details of each component.

  4. Resources - all the resources we will use in the class, including Tools we will use, and links to Readings

  5. Tools - a variety of digital tools that can be used for ePortfolio development.

  6. Reflection - a variety of resources on reflection