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About my e-portfolio

This website designed as an E-portfolio - a collection of authentic and diverse of evidence, drawn from a large archive, which is what I learned during my PhD mobility Post Doc, University of West Hungary (UWH) 2014- in 2015. 
My main area of ​​research - "Creating adaptive- landscape system of agriculture of Kazakhstan using GIS and remote sensing." 
Supervise a research project from the Ministry and Science "Development of the methodological foundations of GIS (geographic information system) technology geographical and territorial analysis when creating ALSZ (adaptive - landscape system of agriculture in Kazakhstan)." Research Project of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan "an atlas of agricultural landscapes Ili Alatau northern slope. "
In 2011, he founded and is director of the "GIS technology and remote sensing," in Technopark Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi. 
Between 2004 and is currently the coordinator and performer of many international research projects of the European Commission in 2008, a project of the German Foreign Ministry «InWent Transboundary Natural Disaster Prevention in Central Asia", gGmbH InWent ». 
In 2010, the European Commission project "Tempus IV: Geoinformatics: Managing energy, resources, environment - GEM» and on the basis of this project is open in the master's degree of international "Geoinformatics" at the Faculty of Geography and Nature. 
Since 2013, the owner of two grants from the international projects of the European Commission "Erasmus Munda« GSmart Spatial ICT infrastructure for smart places "" and TEMPUS SESREMO «Strengthening education in remote sensing data to monitor eco-systems" and is the artist responsible for these projects. 
Over the years, introduced the use of GIS technology in many sectors of society and the national economy in order to achieve GIS and remote sensing. 
        I am the author of over 70 scientific and educational works, totaling about 50 printed. sheets, published in various editions in Kazakhstan and abroad, including five books, one textbook, one monograph and more than 70 scientific articles. Main research areas: 1 "Geoinformatics negіzderі." 
  2 "Gigital cartography". 1 Prepared by a doctorate and 15 master's of science and engineering. 
My study trip to the University of West Hungary was realized with the financial support of the Erasmus Mundus "gSmart - Spatial ICT infrastructures for Smart Places". Project 'gSmart' provides grants for various types of mobility for students, teachers and administrative staff of the University of Central Asia and Europe until 2017.