Dr. Helen Barrett on ePortfolios

I am trying out Google Sites as part of my experiment with using different Web 2.0 tools for ePortfolio development.

In addition to my portfolio, I have included other links to a variety of my Web 2.0 resources.

A special feature of this site provides links to special "How-To" pages, on developing an electronic portfolio using the specific GoogleApps tool.

As I wrote in my blog in September 2008,
I am now convinced that in GoogleApps (Sites, Docs, etc.) I have found the best free Web 2.0 tool for maintaining an online personal learning environment that can be used for formative assessment in education.

Slides of recent conference presentations.

NECC 2009 Workshop

Google Workshop Page

Google Groups
Linking to PDFs
  • Scribd.com
  • Acrobat.com
  • Attachments at the bottom of a page
  • Set up File Cabinet page, upload PDFs, copy link, paste into webpage
Google Sites

Google Calendar