Teaching, Training and Touching Lives

This e-portfolio has been designed to display my interest in the merge of Education and Technology we are facing today. Here I have outlined my professional and educational information to give you a better understanding of myself. My passion is to spread to as many people as I can knowledge on how to embrace the change technology and innovation bring to our time. I worked as Instructional Designer at Davidson County Community College in North Carolina for 2 years and then in 2012 got hired as Distance Coordinator at Alamance Community College. After 2.5 years there my mother became ill and I could no longer stay in that position. However presently my new goal is to be able to help anyone that is a school's Faculty/ Administration trainer position to transition from campus teaching to hybrid or online teaching using Learning Management Systems. This includes religious/non-profit organizations and well. I want everyone to understand that online learning can be just as fun and rich as a traditional classroom! I have over 25 years teaching experience so please join me as we explore all that's out there. For training sessions and pricing, please contact me at 336-837-8193 or email me at eirizarrydetoro@gmail.com
What is Educational Technology?

There are many definitions on what is Educational Technology, but according to Roblyer and her book "Integrating educational technology into teaching" it is a " combination of the processes and tools involved in addressing educational needs and problems, with an emphasis on applying the most current tools: computers and other technologies."

Master of Education degree with a minor in Technology for Education obtained from Strayer University on March 28, 2010 

Proud to have been a part of these educational and government institutions:

GTCC - Greensboro NC
ACC - Graham NC
DCCC - Thomasville NC