David Nemo
My name is David Nemo, and I'm a second-year student enrolled in the Geology program at Winterfield University in Canada. I live in residence, come from a large family (six brothers and sisters), and I love studying rocks!

My ePortfolio is intended to all of the following:

  1. It provides a snapshot of my academic background, my employment opportunities, and my volunteer experience. 
  2. It provides me with a place where I can reflect on (and write about) how the different parts of my life -- academics, employment, and volunteering -- connect to each other. I do this in two ways. First, under my "Academic Courses" section, I list all of the courses that I've taken so far, and after describing each one I reflect on some of the specific connections that I've made between a given course and other courses (or between a given course and an employment or volunteer experience). Second, under the section called "General Reflections," I try to synthesize the specific connections that I've made in the "Academic Courses" section into broader reflections about my overall learning. 
  3. It provides me with a place where I can highlight the work and accomplishments that I am most proud of. I do this in the section called "Showcase," where I include examples of my best work. 
  4. It provides a means for my peers, instructors, and supervisors to comment on my learning and my work. Getting feedback and engaging in dialogue is essential to learning!