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  1. February 1st PD strategies for Eportfolios
  2. March 1 Collaborative strategies for developing resources
  3. for effective learning outcomes using e-portfolios
  4. April 21: Capturing Learning as it happens: Streamfolio in Eportfolios
  5. May 2, 10, 17 and 23: Eportfolio month - May Webinars
  6. June 24: featuring teams from the 2011 Eportfolio Implementation Trials
  7. July 13: ePIC 2011 - Developing a nation EpCoP - international webinar
  8. July 27 Introduction to the EpCoP MOOC
  9. August-September: EpCoP MOOC

October ePortfolios Australia Conference 2011 (EAC2011)
 Curtin University in Perth on 17-18 October

Eportfolios Community of Practice our beginnings on Prezi

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This is a collaborative space for Eportfolio Practitioners, leaders, thinkers and enthusiasts.


Members of the eportfolio communitiy of practice aim to:

  • Provide assistance in embedding eportfolios
  • Disseminate information about the process of building eportfolios
  • Mentor new users in the use of eportfolios

Pages accessed from left hand navigation provide space for ideas for the various elements of the Eportfolio Community of Practice.

Practitioners have been gathering in the Eportfolio Conversations; a google group that you can join by visiting the link provided on the left.

Elluminate Meetings: 


The first meeting of practitioners took place on Monday August 30 at 4.00 pm GMT+10

Meeting #1  Monday August 30 recorded here.

Meeting #2 Thursday September 30

Meeting #3 Friday October 29

Meeting #4 Tuesday November 30

Meeting #5 Tuesday February 1

Meeting #6 Tuesday March 1

Meeting #7 Thursday April 21

Visit the Australia Series group at LearnCentral for details available on the calendar of events. If you join LearnCentral and login you will automatically see the time or our upcoming events in your time zones. Other scheduled real time meetings will take place in this space.

Eportfolio Month: May Webinars:

Visit the Australia Series blog at Wordpress for more details on each webinar.

Visit the EpCoP conversations for the recording links and summaries of each webinar.

Webinar May 2 Recording

Webinar May 10 Recording

Webinar May 17 Recording

Webinar May 23 Recording

Webinar June 24 Recording

Webinar July 27 Recording

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Hashtag for retweets: #epcop

Below you will see the Action Plan for this project, built with a SmartSheet, that we can use to track our progress.

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