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The VET Eportfolio Community of Practice (EpCoP) is a growing group of eportfolio enthusiasts who meet monthly online to explore a variety of topics about eportfolios. This year we'll be focussing on current Eportfolio practices in Australian learning environments.

You can join the Eportfolio Conversations group and contribute your ideas, ask questions or read about what other eportfolio practitioners are doing.

In 2011 we have a series of scheduled events being planned by the members of the EpCoP and we invite you to join us in the Australia Series room for discussions, presentations and case studies. If you'd like to contribute a segment in any of these events please contact Carole McCulloch, Facilitator for the Eportfolio  Community of Practice.
2011 Schedule:


February 1:

Our first event 'PD for eportfolios' is scheduled for 12 noon GMT +10 on the 1st February. Details can be found at the EpCoP site. You can also register for the event at LearnCentral. Recording is here.

March 1:

Our second event 'Collaborative strategies for effective learner outcomes using eportfolios!'  is scheduled for the 1st of March 12 noon AEDT. Details here. You can also register for the event at LearnCentral. Recording of Mar 01 event here

April 21: Capturing learning as it happens: Streamfolio in Eportfolios

Our third event is scheduled for the 21st of April at 12 noon AEST.

A group of Northern NSW Community Colleges have been trialling the use of e-portfolios for RPL with medical receptionists and staff working in the aged care industry. Integral to their trial has been the use of video to ‘capture learning as it happens’ using the Streamfolio E-Portfolio. Val Evans and her team will share with you their experiences and key learnings for both the MediSkills and CareSkills projects.

Mediskills and Careskills - NSW project team talkback and discussion.

The Streamfolio team will also be there to provide you with an overview of the Streamfolio Eporfolio system. (Alex Hayes and Jeff Lubich)

Join us at: 

If you missed it, here's the recording link for April 21 event.

May 2, 10, 17 and 23:

This month has been designated as Eportfolio month - a chance to focus on the  implementation and embedding of eportfolio practices in adult learning environments. A series of four Elluminate sessions promoting local or 'disciplinary' themed events. 

May 2: Strategies for Creating/Maintaining local Eportfolio Communities of Practice

May 10: Eportfolios for the Professions

May 17: Eportfolios for the Trades

May 23: Strategies for Implementing Eportfolios in your Organisation (Allison Miller)

June 24:

This month's meeting will focus on 'Eportfolio Implementation Trials' 2011

12.30 - 1.30 pm Sydney time. Recording link.


Introduction to the EpCoP MOOC July 27th at 8 pm Sydney time here:


Please join in the fun at:


Back again in 2011! ePortfolios Australia Conference

The ePortfolios Australia Conference 2011 (EAC2011) will be held at Curtin University in Perth on 17-18 October.


The conference represents one of the first cross sectoral e-portfolio events in Australia, bringing together national and international educators and researchers from vocational education and training, higher education and adult and community education.


EAC2011, themed ‘Making a difference, showing the difference’, will feature keynote speaker Kathy Yancey, Professor of English at Florida State University.


The inaugural ePortfolios Australia Conference 2010, held in Melbourne last November, attracted more than 180 participants from Australia, Canada, Taiwan, the UK and the US.


Latest News from Allison Miller:

ePortfolios Australia Conference 2011 (EAC2011)

Making a difference - showing the difference

17-18 October 2011

After the huge success and sell out of ePortfolios Australia Conference 2010 (EAC2010) we are pleased to announce that ePortfolios Australia Conference 2011 (EAC2011) will be held on 17-18 October 2011 at Curtin University, Perth.

The EAC2011 keynote speaker will be Kathy Yancy, Professor of English at Florida State University and co-founder of the Inter/National Coalition on Electronic Portfolio Research.  Her work has had a major influence on e-portfolio theory and practice.

The Call for Papers available now - see details here.  Registrations will open at a later date.

Last year EAC2010 conference resources are available at:

  *   EAC2010 Papers and Abstracts e-Book:
  *   Online recordings of the presentations by Bret Eynon, Beverley Oliver, Victor Callan, Christine Cowper and Marcia Devlin are available here:
  *   Some Presenter Powerpoints and other resources - are available here: