Eportfolio CoP Site


EpCoP members decided we would stay with this google site as it was easy to use, no logins required and lots of functions to suit our needs.

Gathering Ideas!

A few months ago it would probably have been a very simple choice to select Ning as our platform, things have changed recently as Ning no longer supports free networks.

This page will gather together the ideas for the development of the EpCoP site!

Here's a BIG LIST of alternatives to Ning! This googledoc was developed by Alex Couros at:

Here's where it gets narrowed down:

And here's a really neat mindmap from Robin Good at this 'Alternatives to Ning' dedicated page:

Your Suggestions and Recommendations:

Kerry Johnson: stay with GoogleGroups
Andree Robinson-Neal: RCampus http://www.rcampus.com/
Don Presant: stay with Google or use Mahara