Plan to Implement

There is a process to implementing electronic portfolios across a school district. The process includes Vision, Skills, Incentives, Resources and an Action Plan. There are several examples of K-12 school districts implementing ePortfolios across the district. Here are a couple of examples:

Eastern Sierra Unified School District (CA)

United #7 (ND)
The following information is under development by Des Lacs-Burlington High School, Des Lacs, ND, who are implementing GoogleApps across the district, which is comprised of two schools: K-8 (Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary) and 9-12 (
Des Lacs-Burlington High School), both together known as United #7 School District. The district pulled together a committee to guide the implementation process.

Their District-Wide Vision Statement: By implementing e-portfolios, United #7 will empower students to become active participants in their own personalized education. Through use of reflection, technology, and collaboration, students and teachers will develop skills that will lead them to achieve  their lifelong goals.

Teacher Inservices
This school district has scheduled four "late start" days, where students come two hours late, plus two full days in January to implement professional development in the 2010-11 school year. On the first day in mid-September, all of the teachers heard a presentation by Dr. Helen Barrett. The planning committee met with Dr. Barrett on the day prior to this presentation, and began the process of putting together their plan. Dr. Barrett also led the committee and school administrators through a simulation called Making Change for School Improvement, which provided them with some valuable insight about how to adopt electronic portfolios throughout the district.  They then put together a plan for the additional late start days. There were two more days in the fall (end of September and end of October) and one in the spring, after the two-day hands-on session. It was decided that the focus for the Fall late start sessions would be learning GoogleApps: GoogleDocs in late September and Google Sites in late October. Below is Mary Eldredge-Sandbo's response to the late September session in the high school, facilitated by students:
At the high school, both Alyssa and I were gone, so we asked 14 students to come to school that morning and walk the teachers through a checklist of skills using Google Docs. Either Alyssa or I met with each student so that they were comfortable with the training -- they already knew how to do the skills. I received a few e-mails and texts saying that it went really well and that even the skeptical teachers were really receptive! Gotta love the positive power of students! Alyssa and I are fixing them lunch next week.

Here are the materials developed to support the first session at the high school:
The agenda is what the students shared with the teachers, the student copy is the checklist the students followed, the reflections document is what students shared with the teachers at the end of the training.

Student checklist for Google Docs Staff In-service
"Learn about Google Docs" includes links to 8 YouTube videos.
The incentives will be addressed by the administrators and committee in their planning process. 

The district has written a grant to fund some of the professional development. There is no cost for GoogleApps Education Edition. The school district has approximately two computers for every three students.

Action Plan
High School Implementation Plan - Draft developed by Mary Eldredge-Sandbo  and Alyssa Weyrauch, Des Lacs-Burlington High School