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Official Google Enterprise Blog: Import, export, and more with the new Google Sites API

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Showcase your skills with an electronic teaching portfolio from UNC Chapel Hill
This article shares tips and instructions for creating an electronic teaching portfolio using Google Sites.

Radford University Video Tutorials on YouTube

Mary Fran's Google Sites Tutorial

Google Sites Portfolio Templates
When creating a new Google Site, there are new templates available to use. Here are some of the templates available for portfolios:

Google Sites Tour

Google Sites Tour

Google Sites: Simple, secure group websites

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The video tutorials below were created by Skip Via, School of Education, University of Alaska Fairbanks. He posted the iTunes U links on his course website. In addition, he posted videos on YouTube. Both sets of links are below.

Resources (iTunes U)
Resources (YouTube)
  1. Creating a new site
  2. Customizing your site (themes and fonts; deleting your site)
  3. Entering and styling text (physical markup)
  4. Entering and styling text (headers and blockquotes)
  5. Creating new pages and deleting pages
  6. Creating links
  7. Inserting images
  8. Editing the sidebar (adding and removing items)
  9. Editing the sidebar (making sub-pages)
  10. Inserting Media Files
  11. Using a Custom Logo