Welcome to Ana-Maria Nae's ePorfolio!

Welcome to my ePorfolio!

My name is Ana-Maria Nae and I am currently a sophomore studying Neuroscience and Spanish at the University of Michigan. Like many other students here, I aspire to become a doctor because I have a passion science and for helping others. While this is a central goal that I shape my actions around, I would like to present how I am "unlike" many students here.

Music has always been an instrumental part of my life (pun intended). From an early age I learned how to play the piano, and in recent years I've taken up guitar-playing as well. Nowadays I continue to play as often as I can but share a passion for a variety of different types of music - my iTunes is quite a hodgepodge of genres!

Language is another passion of mine. I grew up learning how to speak, read, and write in Romanian since the majority of my family continues to live there.  Maintaining this link to my heritage, especially through language, is something I value immensely. In addition, I began to learn another Romance language - Spanish - at school and immediately fell in love with it. I now strive to maintain my fluency in both languages; fortunately, I've had the opportunity to travel to to Romania and several Spanish-speaking countries to help with this goal. And who knows? Maybe I'll tackle another Romance language in the near future!

Happiness is something that I feel can often be overlooked in this society, especially with the hectic schedule and lofty expectations we impose on ourselves. Every day I try to take a step back to reflect on my state of mind, to make sure that at I'm enjoying my life. Even in the toughest of moments, I think it's important to search for something positive I can extract, even if this may seem difficult at the time.
I consider myself a realist, but I am also an optimist in that I realize a positive outlook on the world can do wonders for self-confidence and overall health. 
What makes me happy? Family. Friends. Learning. Music. Langauge. Tennis. Running. Dancing. Laughter. Summer. Ice Cream. Watermelon. 
The small moments in life that seem to make everything worth it.

My life is not perfect. There are things I would like to change about myself that I can't. But when I think about how fortunate I am to have what I have - and  to be a smart, living, breathing human being - I know that in itself is a positive thought worthy of a smile.

So do me a favor: as you browse through these few pages I've put together, forget about your troubles for a few minutes and make this one of the many "positive" moments of your day. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to smile :)