November 22 & 23, 2013
UNC-Chapel Hill


Click here for walking directions from The Carolina Inn to Caldwell Hall


If we have arranged airport rides for you, you should have already received an email from us to this effect. 

 If you did not receive such an email from us, and you would like for us to arrange  airport transportation for you, please contact us immediately.


Please do not hesitate to contact  Kate Nolfi (knolfi@unc.edu; 202.271.4947) or Nathaniel Sharadin (sharadin@unc.edu) with questions at any point before or during the workshop.


Friday, November 22nd

5:30pm – 7pm
Paper by David Sosa
Comments by Hilary Kornblith
Selim Berker, Chair 

Dinner (at Gourmet Kingdom, transportation provided)


Saturday, November 23rd

9:30am – 11am
Paper by David Papineau
Comments by Hille Paakkunainen
Matthew Kotzen, Chair

11:30am – 1pm
Paper by Miriam Schoenfield
Comments by Maria Lasonen-Aarnio
Matthew Silverstein, Chair

1pm – 2:30pm
Lunch (in Caldwell Hall)

2:30pm – 4pm
Paper by Mark Schroeder
Comments by Sarah Paul
Nishi Shah, Chair

Party (at the home of Vida Yao, transportation provided)


All workshop sessions will be held in
Caldwell Hall, 213


List of Participants

Dorit Bar-On, Selim Berker, Simon Blackburn, Hilary Kornblith, Matthew Kotzen, Maria Lasonen-Aarnio, Ram Neta, Hille Paakkunainen, David Papineau, Sarah Paul, Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Miriam Schoenfield, Mark Schroeder, Matthew Silverstein, Walter Sinnot-Armstrong, Nishi Shah, David Sosa, Susan Wolf


David Sosa's Paper:

David Papineau's Handout
(in lieu of a paper)

Miriam Schoenfield's Paper:

Mark Schroeder's Paper: