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EPLW Youth Soccer
EPLW is a co-ed recreational league for youth. The role of EPLW is to teach participating youth how to properly play the game of soccer so that they may be part of a recreational activity which can provide a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction to the participants and spectators alike. EPLW also strives to instill a spirit of sportsmanship and team play in players, coaches and parents.  EPLW Youth Soccer Association is an organization run strictly for children.

EPLW would like to welcome you all to our website.  Here we will post some useful information, such as soccer laws and EPLW rules, important dates to remember throughout the season, game schedules, etc.  We will also post all updates and cancellations on this website.

EPLW’s primary objective is to teach the fundamentals and methods of playing soccer.  EPLW also strives to instill a spirit of sportsmanship and team play in players, coaches and parents.  Winning is fun and exciting, and is an important goal each time that you take the field, however, there are many ways to “win” that are more important.  Some examples of this are learning team play, playing in a sportsman like manner, using the skills you learn each week in practice, becoming physically fit, developing skills for a lifetime of sport enjoyment, and having FUN!

When you register your child, please do not request a team, or coach, although we would like to accommodate you, we have approximately 500 children playing in our league.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee which team you child will be assigned to, or which nights they will practice.

If you know someone new to the area that has children that might be interested in playing soccer, please help spread the word about EPLW and our registration dates.  Also remind families that you know have played for us in the past.

This organization is run by volunteers.  To ensure that the organization receives the amount of volunteers necessary to keep the organization running smoothly, a volunteer fee has been established.   The following are some of the areas where volunteers are always needed … Coaches and Assistant Coaches, Team Parents, Referees, Concession Stand , Field Maintenance, and Commissioners.  Please consider helping out in one or more of these areas and let us know when you register your child.  Remember this organization is for your children, with your help and support we can make it a great season!

We play all players for a minimum of half a game.  Players may be goalkeeper for no more than half the game, with at least one quarter playing time at another position.  EPLW will supply each player with a shirt, shorts and socks. 

The shin guards and shoes are your responsibility.  Shin guards must be worn for all practices and games.  Shoes should be a rubber cleat, no football or baseball shoes.  No toe cleats will be allowed.  Nothing potentially injurious to another player may be worn.  No jewelry or hair adornments (ie. Earrings, barrettes, bobby pins, beads) are allowed during practices or games.

Each team will practice for one hour, two nights a week.  Practice times have typically been one @ 5:00 p.m. and one @ 6:00 p.m.  Your child will be assigned to a team that practices Monday & Wednesday, or Tuesday & Thursday.  All games will be held on Saturdays, usually between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Games that are rained out may be made up on Sundays.  All practices and games will be held at Adam-Ricci Park, located at East Penn Drive and Magaro Road.  In July, you will be contacted by our child’s coach concerning practice nights and times.

EPLW may hold  fundraisers each season.  These fundraisers help support the organization with the purchase of goals, nets, soccer balls, uniforms, corner flags, and paint to line the fields.  These fundraisers also enable us to help keep the registration fees low and hopefully give something back to the children at the end of the season.

Each team is also responsible to cover the concession stand once during the season, this also helps to support the organization.  Each team will be required to supply four to five adult workers for a period of approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours.  If you cannot volunteer in other areas, this is a great way to support the players.  You may volunteer for more than one “Tour of duty”.