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EPLW is a co-ed recreational league for youth. The role of EPLW is to teach participating youth how to properly play the game of soccer so that they may be part of a recreational activity which can provide a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction to the participants and spectators alike. EPLW also strives to instill a spirit of sportsmanship and team play in players, coaches and parents.

EPLW soccer is not affiliated with any other organizations, it is a stand alone organization run strictly for children.


2014 Registration dates have been revised , please see Registration Dates Tab for updated information.

This year, we are pleased to announce that we are offering a buyout of fundraising altogether for an additional $30.00 per child.  Many leagues and organizations have migrated to this approach, which yields the most return to the organization and requires the least amount of time commitment from families opting to buyout.  By contrast, we realize that fundraising provides an easy opportunity to reduce cost for families that can easily sell the items, or for certain families who can not afford the buyout.  For that purpose, we will retain certain fundraising initiatives, to be determined at the start of the season.