About ePortfolios

What is an ePortfolio?
An ePortfolio is “a collection of authentic and diverse evidence, drawn from a larger archive, that represents what a person or organisation has learned over time, on which the person or organisation has reflected, and designed for presentation to one or more audiences for a particular rhetorical purpose". Educause, NLII, 2003
A learning ePortfolio can be used to: 
  • present and showcase your accomplishments and expertise 
  • organise and manage the learning and development process 
  • facilitate conversation and collaboration with others 
  • present your reflection on learning
  • communicate your values and beliefs and present yourself online

Why are there so many different types of ePortfolios?
"These different types of ePortfolios reflect the fact that ePortfolios are being produced and consumed (used) in many different processes, or to manage different processes." (Serge Ravet, 2007)

Think about what purposes you want your ePortfolios to serve and to whom you would like to present them. We recommend you start creating a repository of work, experience and thoughts in the form of a learning log. The learning log can be used as a convenient place for recording and regularly updating your on-going work. Work from this learning log (repository) can later be strategically selected to create different ePortfolios for different purposes.
  • Learning ePortfolios
  • Development ePortfolios
  • Reflective ePortfolios
  • Graduate/Assessment ePortfolios
  • Employment ePortfolios
  • Teaching ePortfolios
  • Professional ePortfolios
  • Performance Appraisal ePortfolios