Ichino, Anna

Research interests

I did my Undergraduate and Master studies at the University of Milan, with a spell at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. I am now a PhD student at both the University of Nottingham and the University of Milan (enrolled in a Double PhD Program). I am also an associate member of the Department of Philosophy of the University of York.

My thesis focuses on imagination, and in particular on its relations to belief: I am exploring the ways in which imagination competes with belief to influence our view of the world, our reactions to it and interactions with it. Recently I have been writing on the motivational power of imagination, on religious beliefs and – together with Greg Currie – on ‘aliefs’. With Greg I am currently working on the effects that our imaginative engagement with fictions has upon belief and other mental attitudes.

Here is my first blog post on my work with Greg Currie on fiction-driven beliefs: 
Getting (More of Less) Rational Beliefs from Fiction.