Welcome to The Imperfect Cognitions Network!

The creation of the Imperfect Cognitions research network was one of the main outcomes of our project on Epistemic Innocence. We are happy to report that the network activities have outlived the duration of the AHRC Fellowship awarded to Lisa Bortolotti, and there are new opportunities for exchanging ideas and new plans for collaborative projects. Check our progress here.

The aim of the network was to bring together different perspectives from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. philosophy, psychology, psychiatry) and stimulate exchange of ideas on the themes of the project on Epistemic Innocence.

One way in which network members have learnt about each other's  work is via the Imperfect Cognitions blog. Posts were announced in our Twitter feed and Facebook page. A list of all posts published during the project can also be found on the blog page.

It is important to us that the researchers joining the network were based in different geographical areas, and were at different stages of their academic career. What they all had in common is that they were working on imperfect cognitions in the clinical or non-clinical population (delusional beliefs, distorted memories, implicit biases and confabulatory explanations), and were interested in exploring the pragmatic and epistemic features of such cognitions.

Our intention was and still is to meet and talk whenever possible and collaborate on project-related publications. Many network members attended the project workshop in May, and we are working on two special issues of interdisciplinary journals, one on costs and benefits of imperfect cognitions, and one on neutral or positive aspects of delusional beliefs. When available, more details will appear on our project outputs page.
A page with up-to-date information about the Imperfect Cognitions network can be found here.