This section of the site is where I detail the refurbishments that I do. My idea of refurbishing is to get the equipment to a state where it can be used as intended and not necessarily to mimic the actual item that rolled out of the factory back in the day. I will try where possible to keep it in the original spirit of the item but I'm not going to obsess over little things like making sure I have the exact part to replace a faulty part with. These machines are old so as long as the spec for the part is maintained then that is OK with me.

As it stands this is largely devoted to the various Colour Computer models. There will be a number of pictures in here to illustrate the finer details. They aren't photographer worthy but they do the job of showing what I'm talking about and doing. For best results click on the picture and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in.

Coco3 26-3334 1005469

In Progress:
Coco3 26-3334 1002045

Not Started:
Coco2 26-3136B 2006750