This site is mainly to record steps and procedures I have used to carry out refurbishments and maintenance on various bits and pieces. Having said that it is not constrained to just that. At the moment I've rediscovered the Tandy Colour Computer and am going through a spurt of cleaning and refurb'ing  them. Along the way I hopefully can help some others out with what I've done.  Yes, I have procedures which lean to giving advice on how to do things which may or may not be wise (of course I've never been accused of that). If you are reading through this site and don't feel comfortable doing any of the things you find here then don't. If you want to have a go at stuff that's great but if it goes sideways then don't go shaking your finger at me.

That last part may sound a bit negative but in a world where the masses are gravitating more and more to blaming everyone else for their own actions, I just find the whole thing a giant cop out. Anyway enough of that.

Why 'Episodes In Time'? honestly, everything you do is an episode in time so why not? that and the fact I got sick of trying to put in site names that google sites didn't already have. I'm not really interested in all the whiz bang that web pages have these days, I just want to get something up and running quickly to just fulfill my basic requirements. Google sites was good enough.